Monday, September 1, 2014

Iron Youth - 7" EP

 photo IronYouthcover_zps35ad488a.jpg

The band before Glue and here it is for you. The 7" is now available and it's more of the Iron Youth you got from the tape released much earlier with a little bit or an eerie turn (see 'elude' and well, every track really). White Wards and Gag had the pleasure of playing with these boys and Blotter when we first rolled through Austin. It was supposed to be Glue's first show actually but it didn't happen. Jangly clean guitar and harsh vocal delivery. Stoked to have finally gotten a copy to jam from Mose.

 photo ironyouthinsert_zpsd29cae49.jpg

 photo ironyoputhback_zpsff6332fa.jpg


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