Monday, September 1, 2014

Criminal Code - Hollowed EP

 photo hollowed_zps37c93fe8.jpg

The Hollowed EP is more of what you'd expect and desire from a Criminal Code release. It gets a little more of a 'hectic' and noisey feel with "No Such Omen" but is boxed in by two tracks that are very reminiscent of the style they've created for themselves. Moves a little bit more away from its punk roots and gets a little more melodic and, well, almost has a Husker Du vibe. Here's the thing about that comparison; it should be avoided at all costs always. Every band 'sounds like Husker Du' at some point or another. That band has covered so much musical ground it's a stupid comparison but this record gave me a 90s Du vibe. Long story short Criminal Code have their own sound and they do it well. Solid release.

 photo hollwoedinsert1_zps25625f53.jpg

 photo hollowedinsert2_zpsf3742ebb.jpg

 photo hollowedback_zpsef9af426.jpg


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