Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ooze - S/T 7"

 photo oozecover_zps2cf8fdd6.jpg

Three new Ooze ragers and three re-recorded old ones. Mark keeps the tradition going with all that Ooze should be for a legitimate release. I guess technically this is the first real one ever. And goddamn! So very much worth the wait. I've been holding onto these discs spinning them like crazy waiting for the good work from Mark to fucking release the beast. This is it. My favorite band in contemporary hardcore punk. Feast on this. Kinda weird but the covers are actually a kind of brown color but my scanner just didn't pick it up.

 photo oozeinsert_zpscc8d8389.jpg

 photo Oozxeback_zps1e84fa3c.jpg


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