Monday, September 1, 2014

Criminal Code - No Device

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Alright man so here it is, the make or break for a band, the first LP. If your first LP flops its gonna be a sad story. Fortunately for Criminal Code their first LP kills it. I should also mention "Cold Thought" is a mini 7 track LP so I'm not counting it as a full length release. This bad boy is what we're talkin' about. Starts off with some really cool mesmerizing guitar work in 'Dilemmas'. The title track 'No Device' is a really cool concept. I like a lot of the lyrics on this release. Life in general and punk platitudes call-out. The record really takes a cool turn with 'Exit/Entry' and 'Flagstone'. You hear it suggested a little earlier on in 'No Device' but it gets a little dreamy. I wonder if 'Graven Image' has any allusion to the '83 punk band? They had some pretty wild lyrics. Also Taiga's seem to deal a lot with rejecting christianity on this release and I wonder if that has an intentional bearing. Also there's the ominous square again and this time it's burning? The B side gets much more daunting and dismal but then beefs up again when it hits 'Sacred Hands' which you should remember from my last post. 'Corrosive' gets real abrasive and hard hitting then the LP gets capped off with 'Attempts Fail Completely'. Pat yourselves on the back boys because you guys successfully created a crazy integration of punk and made it all your own. Some dreamy shit, some later revolution summer Swiz/Shudder to Think kinda stuff, some Du of course, some grungy rock, some 90s alternative and that cornerstone of punk.

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  1. Once, I was unfortunate enough to bear witness to a large mammal break its front leg. The unending bleats of pain I had to witness this animal expel from its mouth were more pleasing to the ear than this horrible, horrible music.