Monday, September 1, 2014

Kid Chrome - CS

 photo KidChrome_zps0ed381c9.jpg

Here's a top secret little treat for you guys. Kid Chrome is a certain fellow from Seattle's solo project he recorded all on his own in the practice space one night on a four track. I will never reveal his secret identity but he is a prolific member of the Seattle hardcore punk powerhouse. Kid Chrome is that heel clickin' rock'n'rollin party lubricant y'all know and love. Some bluesy jams, some Stiv Bators on heavy rotation, a healthy dose of the Sonics, a twin reverb and boots to get loose. 'Mobbin' always gets 'Nervous' by the Big Boys stuck in my head for some reason. Not sure why. I heard Kid Chrome can be seen driving around Seattle in an old timey car yelling along to his own songs.

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