Saturday, January 12, 2013

V/A - New York Rules CS


This is probably the best cassette I've picked up in quite a while. I've been really trying to get into contemporary bands more lately and this comp helped quite a bit. The compilation isn't incredibly diverse but the feel changes throughout the tape and makes it listenable the whole way through. I contacted Alex and asked if he cared if I put up mp3s for it because I couldn't find it anywhere online. He gave me the go-ahead and here it is. I'll start with a band breakdown, 8 bands, 2 tracks a piece. The tape starts with Pregnant who I didn't think too much of at first. They got that vocal sound that Omegas are jocking right now that reminds me of Crown of Thornz or the Germs, layered and echo-y, though the band sounds like neither. If I had to compare them to anything maybe Wipers? The guitars are jangly and medolic and remind me of some of the bands on a more famous "New York Thrash" comp like False Prophets or something. Could this comp be the new "New York Thrash"? It bares a lot of parallels. Nomos then busts in with blistering, ruthless, hard-hitting hardcore. So good. Hadn't paid much attention to this band when they came through Olympia but I should have. We got to play with them but all I picked up was a tape that I've had collecting dust. Definitely gonna give it a jam now. Then comes the crowning jewel of the tape, goddamn Hank Wood and the Hammerheads. Such a fucking stupid name but such a goddamn good band. I was thoroughly impressed. Fucked up hardcore that starts with visceral growling and barking; first track sounds downright menacing. "White People" sounds like a cut straight out of Killed by Death. If someone had told me it was from the late 70s I would believe them. That fucking guitar noodle and hook. NOW THAT'S A FUCKING PUNK SINGLE. Next comes Night Birds, I had seen this band a couple times in Boston and in LA and enjoyed their performances. They covered Toxic Reasons in LA which I have never seen anyone do so I was stoked, and I appreciated the guitar player's diatribe he went on about how Netflix is killing film with one of the dudes from Government Warning. They stayed with Kayla and I at Kimberly's when we were in Boston and he just went off for hours about it. I always get pumped when people are that devoted to something. Anyhow the tracks have some serious melody and guitar work. Vocals give me a nardcore/so cal feel. Think if RKL had good recordings and were a little more intricate. Nude Beach didn't do too much for me at first except break it up a bit on the tape. The more I listen to it the more I like it though. The melody in the first song and feel kind of remind me of Jesus and Mary Chain demo tracks with real drums. Alex Chilton cover is interesting. Then come The Men tracks which I like to think of as New York's Sex Vid with long songs haha. This band is good and also played in Olympia so I've had the chance to catch em. Cool "Gates of Steel" cover but I definitely like Sojourner's better, haha. Download that here. Byrds of Paradise is your usual kinda crummy lo-fi (sorry to use the disgusting term for describing music but you get it) stuff you'd hear playing out of the Voyeur in Olympia. They have cool hallway sounding echoed vocals. The first track is real driving and the second is kind of a wipers, jawbreakery type of thing with guitar solos. I try and think of it as a scrapped, poorly recorded "Texas is the Reason" demo track and it makes me like it more. Dawn of Humans reminds me GG Allin "Freaks Faggots and Junkies" era. Fucked up strained vocals and dirty music. The opening vocals and the length of songs remind me of GISM a little. New York City is cranking out some really good music and this compilation is the proof. Good fucking work.



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