Saturday, January 12, 2013

Snake Run - Unreleased Tracks


Amos sent me some unreleased Snake Run tracks I was pretty pumped on and asked if I would share them. Amos is the amazing individual making things happen for Olympia through Bedside Records. Anyhow these tracks aren't anything too unique to Snake Run but are sick considering that I had never heard of them and the last time I really paid attention to jamming all their tracks was probably around 2006. "Dead Beat" starts like Confront's "Our Fight" which took me by surprise then jams into a noodly bass line quintessential of Snake Run. Love how it falls apart at then end but remains collected. The next track "No Place Like Home" is probably my least favorite of the bunch but is still good. Starts with some rippin guitar and stops sharp, blitzing into the downbeat pattern of music so familiar to Snake Run. Love the stops, really shows how tight they were as a band. "Work Release" gets out some workplace aggression. The song falls apart in the middle then rages back in. It also gets kinda metal at the end, haha. Fuck work, listen to Snake Run. Also if you haven't done so download the demo tape off an earlier post and the other unreleased track they had, it rips. Also buy the LP off Amos it is worth it.


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