Monday, January 28, 2013

HIV - Test Press + GAG News


Here's a revisit to an amazing band. HIV will probably always be my favorite band from the 2000s. Download it in a previous post, linked below. Artwork by the great Benn Silima. He always used to draw hilarious things like boots stomping flowers, etc. Some true punk artwork, haha.


In current news GAG just recorded yesterday with the great Dave Harvey for a new 7" and an LP so be on the lookout for those soon. White Wards just got the tracks back from Jake, be prepared for an amazing LP. Adjustment to Society is due to record 11 new songs to be split between a Flexi and a 7" coming out on Bedside. Going in sometime before February 10th to get these tracks nailed down so get ready for some wild hardcore punk. More coming soon!



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