Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hysterics - Demo 2010


To label a band as an all-girl troupe in hardcore punk seems pointless aside from the fact that this band sort of makes it well known. A black flag barred arrangement of tampons accompanies the band in banner form at every show. The band, once called White Dad as a joke due to the prevalence of 'white' named bands in the Oly area, is a project consisting of members of Dehumanized, Outlook, and Outdoor Voices. As there is no official release for Hysterics yet these are just rough tracks Stephie sent me recorded on a laptop mic. Still definitely worth listening to. Aggressive and catchy, as hardcore punk should be. Stephie fucking rocks it with awesome lyrics and intense energy. Sunk is a jammer.


i'm not here to have fun
not here to participate
i'm just here to decorate
i'm just here to decorate
pick me up in your car,
i hope i look nice on your arm
when you're "chilling" with your "bros"
when we go out to the shows
(own me, i could be yours today)
going once...going twice...i claim myself
all the same expectations, balk at re-imagination
all the same unspoken rules, i know i'm a joke to you
pretend to listen to humor me, you're as condescending as can be
same duties of our given roles, with different music, different clothes
...what "counterculture"?

(am i running out of time to become who i want to be)
i can feel the dust start to settle around the formations solidifying inside of me.
concrete jungle in my mind
i get scared to let it dry
societal influence yet to be purged, programmed impulses eat my own words
my environment lives in me
impressions of history and what's on tv, i see flashes
of ugly contradictions
rise in my blood, and they weren't born in this body
see how we soak up, and spit out
soaking up and spitting out
think you're an exception, well you'd better think again
i bet you've grazed the values of your parents, schools and friends
and think your moments of greed and narcissism come solely from within?
take a good fucking look at the world you live in!
WHO AM I, if my environment lives in me
impressions of history and what's on tv, i see flashes
of ugly contradictions
rise in my blood, and they weren't born in this body
soaking up and spitting out...

BRAINTRAP (this one kinda varies...)
brain trap...
i'll never come into my own, never relax into my life
into my body, into my mind
white walls
try so hard to be better that i miss how to be
tempted by the promised bliss of the unexamined life
the promised bliss of looking away
guess i had an expectation, counted on my maturation
to release the possibilities
worth waking up for every day
instead i'm disgusted in a whole new way
hated so much of what i saw,
turned inward and then couldn't come out
always endless, endless doubt
white out

commercial market
i'm your target
sell me shit
not buying it.
i won't
put that on my skin
generously and rub it in
on some sex appeal
my femininity is real...
guess i must be immature
'cause i just don't see the allure
fill your pockets, make me sick
you don't care a fucking bit
heal me, procter and gamble!
fill me, coco chanel!
fix me, cover girl,
what's your secret, victoria, i swear i won't tell...

the cold plunge of reality
like an anchor dropped into the sea
can't believe this is my world
each day it sets in fresh
i think you've worn out your welcome
lies falling harder all the time
sunk by the gravity of quieter crimes
oh yeah, this is where i live
and this is how it is
i think you've worn out your welcome
pulse thunders in my ears
individualist free-for-all appears
gasping, grasping
for a final slice
before the credits roll
before we're fully sunk...
personal gain motivates everything



  1. I heard this band had an actual tape demo. Where may I obtain it?

  2. can you post the tape demo?!?!

  3. http://www.mediafire.com/?rwh1dfi5azb2coo