Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bring Tha Noize! - Demo 2005


Do you hate high school? How about the internet's involvement with hardcore? Do you enjoy goofy mosh calls and Lockin' Out records? If you do I'd encourage you to take the wild, goofy ride that is the Bring tha Noize demo. Sharing members with the Crazies you know you're in for entertainment. They played some awesome shows like the Midnight Sun with Snake Run, The Crazies, and Limp Wrist but only lasted a short while... story is some members took it more seriously than others. Seriously awesome and funny. Preeetty bad though, haha.



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  1. Hahahaha oh my god I sang for this band. I wrote all the music then convinced the guys in The Crazies to record a demo at the same time they were doing their demo. I think we played two shows? They were all involved in more serious bands and I just wanted an excuse to jump around and play Lockin Out ripoff stuff haha, so much fun. Anyway sweet blog, so much music I haven't heard in forever.