Friday, November 6, 2009

Sixes - Wealth & Property

This is a really rough new Sixes track recorded for Mckenzie and myself to practice with. We recorded it without bass [Mckenzie wasn't there for recording but was for writing] on Bob's ceiling mics with a microphone line in. We're re-recording this track and using it for a compilation.
The song is called Wealth and Property and deals with our allowed acknowledgment of appointed authority. We're told to recognize certain figures; if we have any difficulty doing so we are labeled with having "a problem with authority" and are stamped with many negative connotations. I feel to ignore the fact that police law enforcement is merely set out to protect property and the wealthy, we are allowing ourselves to be sold short. Law enforcement hides behind a guise of protection. We are taught to fear many things so that police have a calming affect on our subconscious. The reality of the situation is that they are there to protect private interest. If you are a person with no property, we'll see how far they'll bend over backward to help you out. This allowed control keeps us in check and prevents us from expressing our personal freedom [vocally, through arts, physical interaction, social norms, etc.]. From what I've seen of police they've never helped low income families like my own growing up when they were robbed or their homes were threatened. I have never seen an example of pure public service. All I have seen are the same pseudo-masculine, shit-head, control freaks in high school going on into law enforcement careers. They are simply people who somehow feel they can stand behind a badge that represents what is truly "right". If you're that dogmatic in your beliefs I'd have a great time picking at your brain. I can't possibly trust the moral fiber of a person whose job is to racially profile and to judge a persons worth by their class. I felt odd after writing the lyrics because I never really came up with any sort of proposed solution I just sort of stated a problem. I guess in discussing this issue I'm left just with my idealistic views of what I wish was the case. Musically I dig it a lot. Very metal influenced 90s hardcore. To me the intro sounds very Undertow-esque and the song as a whole has a Strife "In This Defiance" era feel. Although similar to metal influenced contemporary hardcore bands I feel like it's its own ballgame in itself.

Blind assertion, of what is right.
Government sanctioned, despotic might.
Kept in fear to assure protection,
justified paradox to ensure oppression.
Monetarily dictated, empty piety,
Set in motion for a Bourgeois society.
Never question, we accept their power.
Our human freedom we allow devoured.
We're told not to question.
Your freedom extends as far as you're told.
Modern day slavery, you're bought and sold.
Dogmatic belief, that they're in the right.
Appointed authority gives them their might.
It takes a certain kind of person to want to be a cop.
Allowed control ensures injustice won't stop.


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