Saturday, November 7, 2009

Outlook - Demo 2008

Outlook 2008 Demo


The first thing I heard about this demo before the inception of Outlook was that it was Stop At Nothing songs James had never used. After receiving the demo, I had found that it had taken a life of its own far outside the realms of stop at nothing. The music is characterized by a youth crew hardcore feel [some parts are seriously side by side-esque and there is a riff that is pretty noticeable Antidote inspired] with its own flare of driving intros and some surf influence; "Break the Silence". The recording quality is poor, which takes away a bit from the energy which is so present at live performances, but what is the real driving force behind Outlook is the lyrical content. Lyrics pertain to taking responsibility for choices and actions, the dilution of hardcore punk into a marketable product, economics, taking an active stance against social equalities, re-evaluating social behaviors, and sexual discrimination. The voice behind the lyrics is direct, thoughtful and at times sardonic. If a contemporary band deserves to have its views heard, this is the one.


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