Saturday, November 7, 2009

Poseidon - Tape Demo

Poseidon 2008 Demo


I was skating with Adam and Robert at the Fred Meyer in Bremerton one night and I ran into Benn Silima coming out of the adjacent subway. Benn told me to listen to his new band and I seriously thought he was joking when I heard it. It was so different from anything I had heard him do and I hadn't heard his vocals aside from his joke band he did, Bonesaw. I heard it and thought it was way too good to be real. I was amazed. The music is incredibly powerful, Benn is a riff machine. Mike's drumming is blistering and Alex pulls the trio together to form what is possibly the most intense band to come out of Bremerton. The lyrics on the demo at this point are relatively vague, yet still very personal; I had heard Benn express distaste with these early tracks. I think they're fucking awesome, the Johnny Cash cover at the end was an awesome idea and came out great.


Tape Insert


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