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What is there to say about HIV? Damn, I would have to say, from my experience, they are the best band I have ever encountered. Sure, this may sound like melodrama to those who didn’t connect with the people or the music and especially to those who haven’t heard them, but for me, HIV was a monument in time in my young adult life. The overall feel of an HIV show more deeply embodied a sense of snotty hardcore-punk distaste for mainstream culture [and hardcore culture alike] than any band I have ever witnessed. There was so much truth behind the lyrics you could feel it in the music. It was so absolutely honest. Generally, the songs concerned a laughable disdain toward societal pressures that so many hold dear; including but not limited to, getting a job, relationships, making yourself look cool, making something of yourself… the basic groundwork of feeling like you need to act a certain way to be appreciated; that you as an individual are not good enough on your own. I used to have such amazingly enriching experiences with Sam, walking around the streets of Bremerton just talking about life. He was such a humble, charismatic person. Just talking would lift my spirits so much. We both came from extremely crummy life backgrounds and just related on the purely human level of feeling slighted in some way by forces we couldn’t control. Confiding in each other produced so much strength for me and for many others in the passion behind his lyrics and live performances… absolutely wild; seriously some of the craziest and most genuine hardcore-punk shows. I’ve had great interpersonal interactions and shared so many fun moments with Sam, Benn, Dewey and Mike that it just puts me in the best mood any time I ever listen to the music. I remember once, I believe it was Sam Robert and I, went up to Port Townsend, spent the day skating the park, and then ate pizza out on the water and watched the sun go down. All memories linked to HIV, but I digress.
From the humble and albeit, sketchy, beginnings in the summer of 2004, HIV made their first release the “Nature is Gay” EP. Now, some serious slack was cut on my behalf considering that these kids were all 14-15 when they started the band; what rose from each subsequent release was a catalogue of teenage to young adult counter-culture ideals. From the EP, s/t demo, summer fun demo, full length and s/t 7” each release was better and better. Below are all the releases but the EP which I unfortunately do not have (looks like skater-fags will be omitted from the discography). Below are links to the S/T demo, Summer Fun tape, and the 7" session recordings including the songs that weren't put on the record.

Summer Fun Tape
Summer Fun Tape Lyrics
HIV 7" Sleeve
HIV 7" Sleeve 2
7" Lyrics
7" Lyrics 2
7" Label
7" Label

Download Demo
Download Summer Fun Tape
HIV 2007 Recordings

I have nothing negative to say about this band... then again, I don't plan on posting things I don't like.

Tape Lyrics (they're relatively unreadable on the insert):

Nothing Left: I remember when I was told
about golden brick roads and flowers that would always grow
this is the land of opportunity
well my parents lied to me, there's nothing left
Waves of concrete, sky of smog
take a look at your land of god
everywhere I turn I get more mad
slit my wrists wish I was dead

No Sir: I'm stuck and I'm bored, I gotta believe there's something more
I'm trapped, and I did it to myself, I'm trapped, I've got nothing else
No sir I won't be like you
I won't fall into their trap, of going to work and never looking back
work, death and taxes, bikini lines and full body waxes
No sir I won't be like you, you can't fucking make me

Blind Actions: Who do you think you are?
All your hate what is it for? Forgot where you're from
forgot how to have some fucking fun
you've got nothing good to say we need you out of our way
when will this fucking get through we don't need your attitude
it's blind actions
yeah this goes out to you, the dude with the piece of shit crew
yeah this goes out to you, the dude who can't get a clue
with you in our way there's no satisfaction
all I fucking see are blind fucking actions

No Problems: Not planning ahead, don't want a job.
Teachers call me a fuckup, dad thinks I'm a slob.
While you're at church I'll skate the curbs.
Heat on my neck, there's not much school left.
No Problems; unemployed out of school
No problems; air is hot water's cool

Sick of your attitude: Who are you to put me down?
Do you know what this is about? All you do is fucking laugh.
Boosting up your self esteem go back to your boring high school scene.

Work sucks: 4 to 12 is killing me. Just wanna fucking sleep.
Getting fucking pissed. Wanna slit my wrists. Work sucks.

Radical: I don't care, don't talk to me. I know jesus is radical.
Don't care about the stories you tell, just wanna be my fucking self.

Over the Years: You've taken this way out of hand, just have as much fun as you can.
Every time you go to a show, every time your ego grows.
Over the years you've lost your sight, forgot what being a kid is like
my skin, my hair may grow with age, but in my head I'll stay the same.

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