Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Stuck Pigs - Bleed Like... CS

 photo StuckPigs_zpswowvbuy9.jpg

This cassette is one of my favorites I encountered this year easily. DC has had no shortage of great output lately and Stuck Pigs might just be at the top for me. The release definitely has some heavy Scandinavian vibes, the walls of chaotic riff to riff, but pays nods to the American tradition through the gallop and pummel of tracks like "Go Away". Then again every American first wave act just wanted to ape Europe (at least the good ones). They bring it back to the American tradition with a Neon Christ cover. First wave Latin America is where my head went first but I'm gonna still keep to Scandi- either way it really doesn't matter because this is DC hardcore at its finest. 'Rips' doesn't do it justice, this tape is heavily rotated, as fierce as it gets. Sadly the band is no more and I was lucky enough to have caught their last gig in Boston and to have them for OHC earlier this year. Live the band leaves very little to want, the stage presence from every member is more than ideal, also very cool to see Ace on the skins. Brendan assures me there will be more output that won't leave me disappointed in terms of new acts. My only disappointment is no lyrics.


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