Thursday, November 10, 2016

CC Dust - Shinkansen No. 1 b/w New Ways

 photo CCDUSTDICS_zpsniczngkl.jpg 

It's incredibly sad to see CC Dust go but all good things must end and usually the most intense and beautiful experiences only last for a moment. CC Dust sophomore release is a single with two of my favorite songs to date, very bummed I don't get to see them continue this direction. The release is very interactive and has a scan to watch a video David made. I believe the cassette and records were released in Sweden? I was lucky enough that little Davey boy hung onto some copies. I'm having a hard time doing the band and the release justice with words right now. I would definitely recommend picking up this release.

 photo CCDUSTBACK_zpsxvybgbah.jpg

 photo CCDUSTCS_zpssxnraxpz.jpg

 photo CCDUSTCSART_zpsfunpabvm.jpg

 photo CCDUSTLYRICS1_zps0r0ue0bt.jpg

 photo CCDUSTLYRICS2_zpsddfhpr9j.jpg