Thursday, November 10, 2016

MPK - Demonstration

 photo MPKCS_zps07xbbibp.jpg

Now here's a demo I'm very excited about. You may have read my high regards in a previous review on the split cassette with Chemos (another great band) and the Portland Alive Comp, pretty much all of those tracks appear here aside from the last track on the Alive comp. MPK genuinely embodies first wave American Hardcore to me particularly the more playful but catty side of the Midwest. I can't give enough praise to this band they were one of my stand out sets of OHC this year and every time I've seen them since I've had comparably transcendental hardcore experiences. I'm excited to hear new material this is a good fucking band. Hardcore rules.

 photo IMG_0041_zpslcy1n3zz.jpg

David didn't grace the tunes with song titles but he was kind enough to send some lyrics.


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  1. Hmm, is there a couple songs missing ? Another site said it was 6 songs, and the lyrics appear to look as 6 as well.