Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dry-Rot - Hairless 7" EP

 photo DRYROT_zpsiji6ds2l.jpg

Dry-Rot was a damn good band and this release has always been one of my favorites. The discordant blast of chaos that is "Hairless" sets the tone for the record (a tone most other bands can't achieve without just sounding like absolute garbage). The follow up track tightens up a bit just to let it all go for "There Are Seven Levels", a track I listen to quite often and probably my favorite on the release. This band was one unique unto itself, the music alone isn't even testament to their strangeness. Somewhat akin to the first Negative Trend ep or some Cyanamid comp tracks or something but truly all its own.

 photo DRYROTLYRICS_zpslrm4ojmz.jpg

 photo DRYROTBACK_zpssodxzwhh.jpg


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