Thursday, November 10, 2016

United Void - Demo CS 2016

 photo UNITEDVOIDCS_zpsj7bj7zcb.jpg

One of my favorite demos to come out of the NW this year. This cassette broods with misanthropy the likes of which you'd be sure to find poison idea bathing in. Couple that with a fantastic live performance, endless energy put out by Steve matched by beautifully executed start, stops once again harkening to some PNW name brands like PI and Lockjaw but with a more modern mid 2000s twist. I feel like I heard a little bit of our friends from across the pond Out With A Bang. Members have been holding down NW acts forever now and Steve was the first of the pilgrimage to rock the trip to the west coast, his other Kansas City boys followed suit later. Don't sleep on this demo.

 photo UNITEDVOIDLYRICS_zpsxmhorebw.jpg
 photo UNITEDVOIDBACK_zps9skri4pe.jpg


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