Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Reptoides - 2EP CS

 photo Reptoides_zpsgku366mp.jpg

Now here is some wild ass shit from another planet, Monterrey Mexico's own Reptoides. The Monterrey scene took quite a heavy hit near the end of the first decade of the 2000s when a lot of the key players made the trek 10+ hours south to Mexico City for safer living. It was great to be back and see that the scene was still thriving with some new bands. Carlos gave me this cassette at our gig in Monterrey winter of 2015 (I know I'm really sleeping on putting stuff here) and I have been crazy about it since. This cassette compiles two releases from the band, the "Anunnaki Adolescente" EP and the Demo 2050. Both titles make nods to some crazy spiritual-ass future shit and I am down. Abductions, torturing your followers as an "Anunnaki adolescent", close encounters of an alien kind- this is a lot of stuff rolled into one I enjoy. To top it off it aint just the subject matter thats interesting, this tape fucking smokes. Do yourself a favor and get it while you still can on this planet.

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