Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Criminal - Amongst the Thugs CS

 photo Criminalcs_zpsz8rpxyub.jpg

 I love this fucking tape. When fizz told me he had a new band called Criminál I knew it was going to be right up my alley as I am a big fan of crime, and more importantly, fizz. This cassette has it all, the anthemic feel of Oi done respectable and the ferocity of hardcore at times. We got synth, gruff vocals and a bootboy choir, you sold me, easy. Do yourself a favor and just try it. Sadly I still have yet to see them play live. We were in cahoots for a Rixe and Criminal appearance at OHC but the tour got pushed back and I had a full day drive to eastern Washington for work and a forklift broke on me so I stayed an additional six hours fixing it while they played. Decent excuse for missing the set.

    photo Criminallyircs_zpsd2kz5avf.jpg

 photo Criminalpic_zps3ksqkb7m.jpg


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