Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Chow Line - Six Trax Ripper CS

 photo Chowlinecs_zpszmuecdu6.jpg

So you want to start a hardcore band, huh? Well I think myself and the members (2, but not like a 'two best friends playing grind' way, don't worry this is a full band) of Chow Line would agree just don't do it. But if you absolutely must, here is the recipe. Thick and meaty, you can feel the grit in your mouth; sand in your gums when you play these tracks. Five tracks of hardcore done right and a Ripcord cover. "Yea you know I'm good and ready, armed with balloons and confetti, couldn't hold back if I tried, I'll be laughing when you die". Now this is some top tier hardcore in a year of fest worship and instagram.

 photo Chowlinelyrics_zpsjqup4nv6.jpg

 photo Chowlineinsert_zpsap9wmhyz.jpg


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