Saturday, August 18, 2012

Grimace Vagrant - Split "New Song" CS


It's pretty outdated at this point which is why I prefaced "New" song tape. But hey, cut me some slack I'm really lazy and have a lot of stuff to go through. At this point this tape is at least a year old and was limited to seven copies so I'm sure many haven't heard it. The tape is two Vagrant tracks that were new at the time but with Riley singing instead of Joe of Grimace who now fronts Vagrant. Riley now sings for COP ROT which I'll put up a bit later. The next two tracks are two "new" Grimace songs that turned up on the Mustard Gas and Roses EP. The tracks are "Old New" and "Cool" which yes, are the names I know them by. I think only Malcolm knows the real titles. As an added bonus I included lyrics to "Mustard Gas" so have at it!



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  1. any chance of getting a re-upload for this tape?