Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Flex - Flexual Healing VI Live From The Pain Cave

 photo TheFlexpacacs_zps6vsg88e8.jpg

Gotta love the Lads and their Flexual Healing line. I'm a big fan and was happy to receive Volume VI. Love these boys and hope to see them again soon. This cassette features a set live at the Pain Cave I'm pretty sure recorded during Red Flex because I remember Sam talking about it on tour and they also performed "Just Can't Hate Enough" and a lot of that set on the tour. That was a mad weird sentence. They come in, destroy the spot, and are out before you can get up. Beautiful. God I love the Flex.

 photo TheFlexpaincaveinsert_zpsv9no9pxm.jpg


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  1. Thanks for all the killer new shit !!!!! Here's the edit I did of your rip: