Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cherry Death - Stone Shake Golden Mile EP

 photo CherryDeath_zpschi84ir3.jpg

Wow. Ok... let me think about how to do this. This was a band this year that truly fucked me up. Cherry Death was a surprise set for me I guess they hopped on when a band dropped and just blew me away completely. At one point there were 12 people on stage. That can sound a bit deterring but it was all very calculated and created the perfect atmosphere. The understanding of dropping from complete noisy chaos to a soft simple and very clear melody that is so important to a lot of music this band pays homage to was perfectly executed. The set began with a loud somewhat discordant swell. One after another punctuated bursts of every instrument at once. I wasn't sure what to expect at all but suddenly as the wave of sound ended everything just burst into a beautiful melody. Drums took off and carried the harmony creating a driving feel that just felt like it carried your weight had me enthralled. One of the possibly five guitar players put on a capo and delivered the sweetest lead as the song began to come to a close and another began. One thing I found particularly interesting about the project is that they had two drummers. This could be complete garbage but somehow, some way both players delivered identical beats and fills deviated only intentionally for impact. I was blown away by this. To make it even more involved one was left handed and still matching stroke for stroke. It was the icing on the cake for me to watch. The music itself almost has a folky noodling to it (see "puppet dance" especially) all carried by chaotic strumming high on the neck and atmospheres reminiscent of some early 90s britpop acts. Extremely powerful stuff. I can't stop listening to this tape I love it. Thank you Oklahoma. Very few places can create this sort of thing so genuine. Bedroom project turned miniature symphony.


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