Tuesday, March 29, 2016

C.C.T.V. - Practice Tape 2016

 photo CCTVcs_zpsh0lf0nyw.jpg

My god I've been waiting for this cassette for well over a year (might be two?). Since before I went to Not Dead Yet with Ooze and Big Zit. Mark sent me a video of a new CCTV riff that featured a small troll dancing on his phone. Since then I have referred to it as "The Troll Song" and have been asking forever when it will be recorded so that I can skate to it in a video. Well that day has finally come and it was released on this cassette as "Song About Shit Talker's Demise". Can't wait to make the edit. What a pleasant surprise in OKC, I tried to contain my excitement. Been jammin' it a lot these sunny days. Really digging "Song About A Big Plan". Also loving the tongue in cheek humor on the inserts.

  photo CCTVinserts_zps3llk4a7z.jpg 

    photo cctvtrax_zps2v043uuh.jpg 

   photo cctvback_zpsi2cddp0e.jpg


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