Thursday, March 12, 2015

V/A - Brutales Matanzas

 photo Brutalesa_zps1iyrmrti.jpg

I never thought I would own this record. It is incredible and run in limited quantities. Now thanks to my good friend Yecatl, who runs Cintas Pepe Records of which this LP is the first release in 2010, my dream became a reality. Seventeen tracks of blisteringly fierce Mexican Hardcore all on one disc. This comp introduced me to such favorites as Inservibles, Los Monjo, Crimen, Ratas Del Vaticano among every other burner on this disc. This comp is essential for contemporary hardcore music coming out of Mexico. Productive bands with dope shit to say. I am so incredibly grateful to have toured with Yecatl and made his friendship and to add a tangible feeling and connection to this record I used to listen to so much. Now's your chance to catch the feelin!

 photo brutalesb_zpsfxve3tll.jpg



  1. I've been waiting for them to repress this for a while!

  2. Thanks for posting this record.
    It seems like the Inservibles 'La Gente Está Muerta' & 'Arruinado' tracks are missing from the B side, maybe?

  3. Hi, I recently started to check the Cintas Pepes bands, so thanks a lot!! Also it's great that a new OlyHC web, I was curious of the scene and the Oursound site was really informative back then.

    The Inservibles tracks are missing, please fix the link if you can.

    Cheers from Argentina.