Friday, March 13, 2015

Tercer Mundo - El Punk No Es Cultura 7" Repost

 photo TMrecord_zpsy7ryjeni.jpg

Reposting this incredible record because I've been visiting it a lot recently. Read my original write-up here. This is one of the most important punk records of the past decade in my opinion. Here's a scan of the booklet as well. Love these boys.

 photo TMbookletcover_zpspbuhzelm.jpg

 photo TMBooklet1_zpsd9rbxly2.jpg

 photo TMbooklet2_zpsokncpzow.jpg

 photo TMbooklet3_zpsvazi8usd.jpg

 photo TMBooklet4_zpswkstibbl.jpg

 photo TMbooklet5_zps1gl36to3.jpg

 photo TMbooklet6_zpslvrbrmtw.jpg

 photo TMbooklet7_zpscw9ri3bu.jpg

 photo TMbookletback_zpshtwmjgor.jpg

 photo TMback_zpshhokyvxw.jpg


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