Friday, March 13, 2015

Public Assault - No Way Out 7"

 photo publicassaultcover_zpsy5vdqluk.jpg

Notice a theme in these posts? Got a little package from Mark with lots of new goodies. Public Assault comin' atcha.



  1. Freakin' awesome !!!!!!!!!
    You wouldn't by any chance be able to acquire the the Public Assault - Demo Cdr (2011), would you ?
    Love that band, and all the Indiana stuff going on !!!!!
    Definitely dig your blog, been following it for a few years now !

  2. I do not have it but I could ask around

  3. Hi,
    I put this record out on Foreign Legion Records. I don't at all have a problem with you posting a rip to it, but please link to the shop where it is available.

  4. So sick, thank you for posting all these tapes!! I would love to trade some tapes with these kids.

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