Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June Update

Alright boys and girls, lots of insanity here in Olympia, I'm taking a leave of absence until August. Between booking a fest, touring, playing in a million bands and a close friend passing away I really don't have time for this blog or reviews. Some things to look out for I'll have up late summer:

Turtle Neck - CS Demo
Convict - Demo
Nudes - New 7"
Gag - New single on Iron Lung
New Violent Reaction 7"

etc. etc. I don't know, I got stacks of shit all over my "room". Gag will be on the West Coast with Houston's Back To Back from Thursday to July 10th. See y'all around. Close man to my heart and many many others Samuel Satori Silverstein passed away recently. Between four days at a hospital visiting him in critical condition, a memorial service, and two of the best benefit shows I've ever had the bittersweet pleasure of being a part of, my life is forever changed. RIP the Rattlesnake, miss you and love you buddy. I will be releasing the unreleased HIV LP very soon. Tracks have been remastered and are at the plant. In the meantime check out HIV here.

 photo 10253904_10203032306680432_3408386191578111212_n_zpsa24cd928.jpg

 photo 10357845_1602990616593026_7993035481597486868_n_zps41d12fed.jpg

 photo 10309668_10202045730924318_2579652702042042930_n_zps9d8a01f2.jpg

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