Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bricklayer - Demo CS

 photo bricklayercover_zpsd47a7bfd.jpg

Well here it is, out of the ashes of GRIMACE rises Bricklayer like a phoenix. Our guitar player had to quit while going through some stuff in his life and Joe Madball Mabbatt stepped up to take his place on the six string while our good buddy Che joined on bass. Cary will be sincerely missed and will live in infamy as all that was Grimace. Hours of being subjected to the worst boot rot of all time to a soundtrack of ACDC and Taylor Swift. We all wanted to continue the band but didn't feel right doing it without Cary thus, Bricklayer was formed. Sorry it took me so long to get this up here but here it is. Glory Stompers.

 photo bricklayerinsert_zps1b95355f.jpg

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 photo bricklayerinsert2_zps85dfe7d5.jpg


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