Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oblivion - MMX


New band from Tacoma WA, self proclaimed "heavy hardcore". Before the demo was released I was given a copy at an Olympia show with two live tracks on it. The tracks were pretty much inaudible [so incredibly low the music just sounded like a rumble] so I didn't pay much attention to it. The other night they played in Olympia with Trainyard, Dehumanized, and the Separation and caught my attention. The live performance was nuts; loud, intense and heavy. I'm quite partial to fast music but it proved to be a pleasant aside. I'm not too familiar with the style of music (heavy the whole way through, no fast) so a critique is really uncalled for, nevertheless my only suggestion would be to fill in the empty space a bit. It seemed 'airy' at times which could probably be remedied by another guitar player. The band is quite unique unto its own (I can't think of any Northwest bands that sound like it) Check it out below and hugs and kisses to Tacoma.


Lyrics and other relevant information can be found here

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