Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In Debt - Demo Tape


Contemporary hardcore from Olympia, WA featuring the godfather of OURSOUND. Adding to the musical diversity of the local scene, In Debt adds a sound that could be classified as "early 2000's" or contemporary hardcore. Fast with heavy breaks and lots of groove, but what sets it apart from similar acts are the lyrics. I hesitate to call it a concept band, it moreso just has a recurring theme that Steven cares a lot about; the control the banking industry has over the US government and its consequences on our lives. This theme encompasses the songs "The Banks Never Lose" and "Money is Debt". Other songs concern human rights, standing up to law enforcement, community rebellion, and lack of conviction in Hardcore music. Steven's vocals are furious on the recordings which adds to the intensity and urgency of the subject matter. You can see a progression from his humble beginnings in the Crazies to looking up and finally from blind (demos I will put up later, Crazies is already up). Live they are delivered with just as much energy. In debt features members of other Olympia acts such as Nervosa, White Wards, Foot Fetish, Red & Black, and Scary Man. More information and in depth lyrical explication can be found at OURSOUND.



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