Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Board Youth - EP


The illusive Board Youth EP released in 2007. Not very many of these were made and Robert ended up giving the last couple to a bunch of dumb kids at the Redmond skatepark that probably didn't care. I know Miles doesn't have one and I'm pretty sure the rest of the members don't either. Unfortunately difficult to get a hold of, it doesn't beat the 2008 tape released afterward [which is where my heart lies ]. Dew Crew also has Miles singing on it (he starts it off); something he said he would never do. This tape is more reminiscent of bands like the descendents [which they cover on the tape] with a bit of a skate punk flare. I guess it's just a bit more pop sounding. I prefer the 2008 tape because it's much more Adolescents/RKL/Wasted Youth-esque. It seems they pull from more of their influences on it. What were you doing when you were 15? Nothing this cool.



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