Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stop At Nothing - Demo 2004


At the time of its inception Stop At Nothing was pretty much the only hardcore band in Olympia. Although this demo doesn't quite 'do it for me' as much as the previous demo post, with the exception of "Stand By Me", I really like the songs. The songs on the demo seem 90's 'youth crew' influenced with some contemporary flare (sometimes a bit too much melody, see "Stand By Me".) Stop at Nothing was my little brother's favorite contemporary hardcore band when he went to shows so I've always enjoyed it. My brother stopped going to shows in 2006 but it hasn't hindered my making mixes for him to try to get him to come again. On top of this all the members involved still go to shows, are in bands, etc. with the exception of Bryce. Steven, James, and Matt are still quite active in the hardcore scene starting bands and booking shows furiously. Steven is the founding father of


Without further ado, here is the download link. A small piece of an older Olympia.



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