Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In Stride - Demo 2004


...reminiscent of a time when Vancouver, BC was characterized by much more 'mosh'. This becomes apparent in such tracks as "Still Trying", "What You Meant", and "Over and Over", ironically, some of my favorites on the tape. Many look down on bands of this time (early to mid 2000's) in disdain based on the pretense of having 'moved on' to things more creative, abstract, etc. I, however, still enjoy it quite a bit. Although most bands in this period have just faded away, In Stride has stood the test of time for me. This could be because of Chad's lyrics. Also, each subsequent release got better and better. (The next tape after this is awesome, yet not as good as the 7". Unfortunately I have no idea where my copy went, I think it's somewhere packed away in my mom's garage along with most contemporary hardcore stuff I've held onto. When I find it I'll put it up.) Also, thanks to Adam of Red & Black/Thumbs Up fame for letting me borrow this tape. I don't think I ever had a copy of this tape, then again it was 2004, and at 16, I was buying pretty much any demo hardcore related that played Olympia. At the time I never thought that bands of this genre could be ungenuine or have nothing to say; this is something you quickly learn growing up in a hardcore context and also touched on in the tracks "Bombs Away" and "Number 44". Off tangent: The vocals are much more gruff on these recordings and the music a bit less creative but In Stride was growing as a band. As a demo, this tape is awesome. I'm still listening to it today.




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