Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sunset Riders - Split w/ HiJinks


Instead of reading what I have to write, I'll share some thoughts from Griff:

"Sunset riders is the product of my first band i contributed to/wrote for. I had been in a few bands before, but didn't write, so when this band started it was my chance to have it sound how i liked my sounds. Being influenced by fast and straight forward music, naturally that's how i wanted my band to be. I've never been a great writer musically/lyrically, i just have always sang about problems in my life/around me that not only can and have affected me but many can connect with on an easy level.
Views, ideals, and beliefs change with people and i have grown to understand and accept that, but i will continue to sing and rep what i hold close to me. We are not a straight edge band, though we have some straight edge members, including myself.
Hitting a wall lyrically has been a speed bump for me and the band, and it doesn't help that we all start up other bands and the focus shifts to newer things, but i hope 2010 brings more shows and more activity. I have some songs cookin in my head i hope to get out there and hopefully on a demo sooner than later in the new year.

This split marks the last release Sunset Riders has done to date. The record contains two original tracks and a cover. I wish there was more sunset material and I hope there will be more in the future. As far as their hiatus is concerned, they're playing their first show in quite a while on Adam's birthday. Peep the details at OurSound. For now enjoy the listenings.


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