Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sin Motivo Demo CSS

  • First off, listen here

    Ramon sent me the Sin Motivo CSS a couple of weeks ago and I cannot stress how great this tape is. The guitar tone on this demo accents the simple, catchy and driving riffs perfectly. I find myself getting trapped listening to the riffs instead of drums which is usually my main focus in bands. That's not to say the drums are anything less though - as many fills as beats. The contrast of the vocals to the guitar is refreshing, as most bands would have gone a snotty route, but Ramon's voice is pained, shouted and gruff.
    As sick as the demo is, it's a completely different thing live. I was lucky enough to catch them at Chaos in Tejas this year - the songs are played fast and tight, but also unpredictable and improvised. They definitely hint at this on the demo, but it doesn't really sink in until you see it live. Enough rambling though, the point is this demo is great and if you miss them you will regret it.
    08/01: Kansas City, Mo w/ No Master, Night Moves, Nuke Cult & Bad Mouth at Bad Haus
    08/02: Minneapolis, MN w/ Brain Tumors, Total Trash, Systema Inmundo & Naked Dad and the Energy Boys at The Hexagon
    08/03: Appleton, WI w/ Holy Shit!, Short Walk, & Joust at The Subterranean
    08/04: Bloomington, IN at Rachel’s Cafe
    08/05: Pittsburgh, PA
    08/06: NYC w/Kantuta & Gowanus Mutant Kommando at The Acheron
    08/07: NYC
    08/08: Boston, MA
    08/09: New Brunswick, NJ w/ Flesh Temple (record release show) at Ray Cappo’s
    08/10: Buffalo, NY
    08/11: Cleveland, OH at Now That’s Class
    08/12: Chesterton, IN w/ Public Assault & Big Zit
    08/13: St. Louis, MO at Blank Space w/Times Beach
    08/14: Norman, OK w/ Glow God at Cafe Plaid
    08/16 Austin, TX

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