Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pukeoid - CS

 photo pukeoidtape_zps5a09e085.jpg

Damn, this tape was a pleasant surprise in the mail. This band captures the intensity and vocal styling characteristic of first wave hardcore punk; think Corrosion, the Stains, Bl'ast, Youth Korps kinda feel. I know that's a weird blend but trust me there is a common know, those gruff vocals over chaotic riffage. To put the icing on the cake it's Kevin and Mark's first release: Doug's Tapes #1. Dope tape.

 photo pukeoidb_zpsa3329cda.jpg

 photo Pukeoidinsert_zps2e6b0ccd.jpg

 photo pukeoidinsert2_zpsa7b31a62.jpg


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