Monday, April 15, 2013

April Update

Just got back from Adjustment To Society East Coast tour and boy do I have some stories to tell. I also have some great music I picked up on the way to put up and some shit I had waiting for me when I got home I'm really excited about, including but not limited to, the new GAG test press.

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Long story short tour was fucking amazing, among the highlights: seeing 86 Mentality, Striking Distance playing in a 20 foot wide room, seeing John Stabb sing 'Teenager In A Box' with Coke Bust, a band using Shrek audio samples, and blowing up paint cans and burning palettes in an abandoned warehouse with Ooze and Rainbow Party. Way too much to name off the top of my head. My desk is littered with shit I wanna put up, to name a few:

86 Mentality - Goin Nowhere Fast LP Finally got to see 86 play as the surprise guest at Damaged City, pre-release on Grave Mistake, everything wonderful in one place.
Blood Red - Seize You LP Something Trey gave me when ATSX played the HOH record release, haven't had the chance to spin it yet but stoked!
Caged Animal - S/T 7" Our boys from the Bay, best thing outta the Bay in a while.
Correction - Demo CS Cool UK straight edge hardcore the kids from Misled Youth and Vile Faith gave me
Culo - Demo 7" Didn't get one with blood on it unfortunately.
Curmudgeon - Amygdala CS Friends from the East, too loud for the crowd.
Easy Rider - Demo CS gave this dude a Gag shirt in NJ and he gave me his demo, stoked!
GAG - 40oz Rule '90 7" Tests are in!
Hounds of Hate - S/T LP Favorite release of 2013? ATSX played the LP release and I had to pick up a copy.
Hunting Party - The Story So Far CS Bay friends, Max also kills it in Caged Animal
Intent - Demo CS Cool late 80s influenced hardcore from the East, played with them in DC and they covered Raw Deal, pretty much the sound I heard reflected but haven't jammed the CS yet.
Iron Lung Mixtape II - CS Gag and White Wards duh.
Kruel - Esperando El Fin CS Joey had this waiting for me when I got home, missed Sam by minutes... fuck!
Last Warning - Demo CS Hardcore professional Richardo's new band, stoked!
Laughboy - Demo CS Picked up on the Midwest tour
Menanites - Demo CS Kevin rules and his band is sick, fuck yes!
Misled Youth - Demo CS Band blew me away at the DC aftershow.
Nightprowler - Psychopath CS Mark Palm's new solo shit, Amos of Bedside's doing.
Peacebreakers - Demo CS Underwhelming live, amazing recorded.
Permanent Ruin - Hell Is Real 7" Friends from San Jose, been meaning to put up for a while and a show with them in jersey reminded me!
Potential Friends #5 - Zine Tyler's new zine with an ATSX Strangers Midwest Tour recap.
Self Abuse - Demo CS A little somethin I got from Ralph.
Side FX - Demo CS Another little somethin I got from Ralph.
TBH Fanzine + Compilation 7" Bogus zine, sick ass comp!
Raw Nerve - Every Problem Solved 7" A gift from Ralph.
The Rival Mob - Mob Justice LP Picked up at Armageddon in Boston.
V/A - Pit Stains Comp CS Something Adam from Columbus OH put out.
Vile Faith - Demo CS Super young kids pitting harder than anyone at Damaged City.
Violent Reaction - Demo CS Sick ass straight edge UK hardcore.
Welcome to the Midwest - Zine Another somethin' from Tyler.
Working Stiff - Demo CS Jersey based wild hardcore.
Zodiacs - Demo CS A last little somethin from Ralph.

All that and more comin' up soon, hold tight, gotta leave for Calgary with GAG and White Wards on the 17th.

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