Sunday, November 4, 2012

Night Prowler - Crime Wave CS


Mark Palm from Go It Alone's solo project. He now plays in Devotion. This was a band he did when he was living in California and is the only release. The project is definitely more of a straight forward 80s hardcore style band than his other projects. Last time I saw him was when ATSX played Vancouver and he commented on my Youth Korps shirt and told me they were his favorite early 80s band. This tape has more of a Boston sound but with a contemporary tinge. The tape is damn good. The track "Control" always gets stuck in my head and I think it's my favorite on the release. The tape ends with a 3 minute reverb laden track ala DYS, Youth Brigade, The Fix, Negative FX, any other sick 80s band that did a weird song on their otherwise straightforward 7" or demo. Also rips off that catchy thing F.U.'s always did in their songs where they repeat a line or word over and over with stops; see "No More" and compare it to "Radio Unix USA" Really good stuff, download it!



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